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Nov 24,2010


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Northern Trout Adventure with Elliot Lake Outfitters

We had the great opportunity to head out on a trout fishing adventure in Elliot Lake, Ontario with our good friend Marty Descoteaux. Marty is the owner and guide for Elliot Lake Outfitters and provides custom fishing packages for whatever type of fish you care to catch!

We started our first day in search of speckled trout. After loading up the ATVís with all of our gear, we had a one hour trek through the woods and across a couple of lakes before we reached our chosen destination. The small lake we were fishing on has a great speckled trout fishery and has practically no fishing pressure whatsoever due to itís remote location.

speckled trout 4speckled trout 3speckled trout 1speckled trout 2

The gear we were using was very simple in itís presentation. We set up tip ups with 8 pound test, a small swivel and a small treble hook. Baiting the hook with a lively minnow and a split shot to get it in the fishes range, Marty explained that we only needed to fish in about 2 to 4 feet of water to get some big specks!

Well, we have to say that we believed him after icing about 12 specks in the next couple of hours. They ranged from about a pound up to 4 pounds. We packed up and headed back for home after a very successful day of fishing!

The following day we decided to head out for some great Lake Trout action. After another short ATV ride, we arrived at our destination and used the same presentation on the lakers except we were fishing at a depth of about 60 feet with the minnows about 3 to 4 feet off the bottom. 3 hours later, and we had caught about 8 lake trout ranging in size from one pound up to about 8 pounds (the 8 pounder got away at the hole unfortunately!).

lake trout 1

Marty is one of the most knowledgeable and genuine anglers that we know and he can put anyone onto fish GUARANTEED. Definitely look into Elliot Lake Outfitters and tell Marty that sent you over and heíll be sure to put a custom fishing package together for you that wonít disappoint!

lake trout 2