Last Updated:
Nov 24,2010


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Lake Trout Fishing in Elliot Lake, Ontario

It was a typical Saturday afternoon in Elliot Lake in the middle of the winter. We decided that we’d take some time to load up the gear and head out to one of our favorite places to try our luck for some Lake Trout. After picking up some nice sucker minnow, we headed out of town and drove our snowmachines across the lake to what looked like a nice spot in a narrow pass between the larger bodies of water in the lake. We set up our tip-ups, got our jigging rods all set and away we went! Well, we barely had the line in the water when the first fish hit! It was a nice 2 or 3 pounder to start the day. As the day moved on we had great luck and managed to get into some great fish!! A couple were over 10 pounds and we missed one which was so big that we couldn’t even slow it down from running with our minnow. The 15 pound test line that we were using was stretchd out to it’s maximum and the spool should have been glowing it was going so fast!! I wish that we could have landed this one. It may have been the biggest fish I’ve hooked through the ice! In any case, we had a blast out there. What better way to spend a day then fishing for trophies?!?!